Chuck Wilkinson's prolific career spanned over three decades beginning in the 1960's. 

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The Detroit Free Press
Detroit The Magazine of Michigan’s Metropolis
July 24,1966 Front Cover Illustration. Illustration shows Hemingway theme-collage of fisherman, tree, American flag, duck, moon, target, face of woman upside down

For this illustration: Detroit Art Directors Club 1968 Photography-Illustration Show Silver Medal in General Illustration Category Art Director: Mort Persky
Client: Detroit Free Press


Journal September 1968 1.jpg

Ladies’ Home Journal September 1968/ Vol. LXXXV No. 9 pages 98-99. Illustration for Teddy, Where are You? by Steve Minot. Illustration shows a man seated in a Thonet chair holding purple lensed glasses, woman standing with a black cat in her arms, psychedelic posters in the background. Uncredited illustration.


Ladies’ Home Journal March 1970/ Vol. LXXXVII No. 3 pages 78-79. Illustration for The Little Countess by Eva Ibbotson Illustration shows an early 20th C family playing croquet.


Journal January 1971.jpeg

Ladies’ Home Journal January 1971/ Vol. LXXXVIII No. 1 pages 78-79. Illustration for Miss Ella by Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald 1 1/8 page Illustration shows a man seated in a field smoking, woman with parasol standing behind, older woman driving a carriage in the background.


Ladies’ Home Journal February 1971/ Vol. LXXXVIII No. 2 pages 78-79. Illustration for We Love You, Pass It On…We Love You, Pass It On… by Patience Jarvis Naughton. 1 2/3 page Illustration of a Hopper style summer city street


Ladies’ Home Journal July 1971/ Vol. LXXXVIII No 7.  pages 98-99. Illustration for But She Must Be Perfect by Nona Coxhead. 2 page illustration shows couple in a train car.


Journal Sept 1971.jpg

Ladies’ Home Journal September 1971/ Vol. LXXXVIII No 9.  pages 98-99. Illustration for The Day He Met the Girl Who Asked All the Right Questions by Gerald Kean 2 page illustration shows couple lighting cigarettes in the back seat of a car or taxi.


Ladies’ Home Journal January 1972/ Vol. LXXXIX No. 1 pages 78-79. Illustration for Beautiful, Beautiful Me by Eileen Herbert Jordan. Illustration shows a man and woman with dog gazing out over the ocean from a boardwalk bench/fence rail, gulls , covered pier and gazebo in background.


Ladies’ Home Journal May 1972/ Vol. LXXXIX No. 5 page 52. Illustration for Love is Something Between Two People Only by Rita Madocs. Single Page illustration shows a red haired girl in a high school band uniform/dark background


Journal June 1972.jpeg

Ladies’ Home Journal June 1972/ Vol. LXXXIX No. 6 pages 76-77. Illustration for Moon Life by Merrill Joan Gerber. 1 ½ page illustration shows a woman sitting in bed staring out the window at the moon.



Ladies’ Home Journal June 1973/ Vol. XC No. 8 pages 80-81. Illustration for Old Arthur by Margery Sharp. 2 page illustration shows a woman sitting in a rocking chair in front of the fireplace. The ghost of a man dressed like Sherlock Holmes sits in a wing chair directly in front.


Journal Jan 1974.jpeg

Ladies’ Home Journal January 1974/ Vol. XCI No. 1 page 82-83. Illustration for The Girl From a Long Time Ago by Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull). Double face illustration shows a couple with a bi plane behind them.

Ladies’ Home Journal November 1974/ Vol. XCI No. 11 page 72. Illustration for The Big Dropout by Rita Madocs. Single Page illustration shows a red haired girl in a high school band uniform/dark background


Journal June.jpeg

Ladies’ Home Journal July1975/ Vol. XCII No. 17 page78
Illustration for Curtain by Agatha Christie
2/3 page illustration shows man in wheelchair with cane and newspaper outdoors in a European town setting.


Journal January 1977.jpeg

Ladies’ Home Journal January 1977/ Vol. XCIV No. 1 page 72. Illustration for Getting the Message by Adela Rogers St. Johns. Illustration shows head and shoulders of  dark haired woman holding telephone, surrounded by Victorian and Art Deco objects and patterns


Journal Aug 1977.jpeg

Ladies’ Home Journal August 1977/ Vol. XCIV No. 8 page 72-73. Illustration for Ghost Story by D. B. Baylor. Illustration shows man sitting on steps of a Victorian Gothic home looking at the ghost of a walking woman (flapper). 1 ½ pages.


Guideposts March 1975 page 10-11. Illustration for The Rose by Marsha Turner. Illustration shows girl alone in a classroom putting a flower in a vase. Credited on back page


Journal Dec 1977.jpeg

Ladies’ Home Journal December 1977/ Vol. XCIV No. 12 pages 88-89. Illustration for Santa Santa by Marion Lew. Double page illustration shows Santa and a woman waving to a child in the second story of a brownstone.


Ladies’ Home Journal January 1979/ Vol. XCVI No. 1 page 66-67. Illustration for Taking the Chance by Merrill Joan Gerber Illustration shows mother and two children walking in a suburban neighborhood.


Ladies’ Home Journal May 1979/ Vol. XCVI No. 5 page 104-105. Illustration for The Turbulance Factor by Madeleine Costigan. Illustration shows two women driving on the beach in a Jeep or Range Rover.


Ladies’ Home Journal June 1980/ Vol. XCVII No. 6 pages 98-99. Illustration for Things Were Different Then by Mary Elmblad. Double page illustration shows a middle aged and an older woman looking a photos in a small town screened porch.


Ladies’ Home Journal October 1980/ Vol. XCVII No. 10 pages 104-105 (index page 6). Illustration for Leading Lady by Daphne du Maurier, excerpted from the book The Rebecca Notebook and Other Memories. Double page illustration shows a woman at a table putting on lipstick.

Ladies’ Home Journal November 1980/ Vol. XCVII No. 11 Illustration pages 118-119. Illustration for The Old Neighborhood by Avery Corman author of Kramer vs. Kramer Double page inset illustration shows children standing on a city street corner circa 1944.

GH July 1971.jpeg

Good Housekeeping July 1971/ Vol. 173 No.1page 72. Illustration for With All My Heart by Helene Lewis Coffer. 2/3 page illustration with curved top of couple looking out over a field.


Good Housekeeping June 1974/ Vol. 178 No.6pages 90-91. Illustration for All for Love by Betty K. Amber. 1 ½ page illustration shows couple holding hands in a shuttered room with table, Thonet chair and work light.


GH Dec 1974.jpeg

Good Housekeeping December 1974/Vol. 179 No.6 page 88. Illustration for More Blessed to Give by Lois Duncan. Half page illustration shows seated woman looking out picture window/children decorating Christmas tree


Good Houskeeping SEptember Good HK Sept 1978.jpeg

Good Housekeeping September 1978/ Vol. 187 No.3 pg 138 and 139 . Illustration for Only Love Never Changes by Adele Climm. 2 page illustration showing a man and woman on racing bikes at a city waterway with palm trees and buildings in the background


The Detroit News Section D Saturday, October 12, 1996. Homestyle- Cover photo shows print of man bending over woman’s hand at a party used on front cover of home section. (un-credited).


McCalls March 1980.jpeg

McCall’s March 1980 Vol. CVII No. 6 page 110-111. Illustration for The Ring of Kerry by Josephine Jacobsen. Double face illustration shows couple with antique car and housekeeper outside an Irish country house with fields.


McCall’s June 1984 Vol. CXI No. 9 page 82-83. Illustration for Solo Flight by Barbara Rohde. Double face illustration shows woman parasailing at beach, waving to woman on beach.


Family Circle April 24, 1978Vol. 91 no. 5 page 52. Illustration for Evergreen by Belva Plain. ¼ page illustration shows couple on brownstone steps, woman seated, man standing.


Sports Illustrated March 19, 1979

Sports Illustrated March 19, 1979 Vol. 50 No. 12 pages 73 and 74. Two illustrations for McTigue by Robert Cantwell. ½ page illustration of a boy running through the Irish countryside. 1/3 page illustration of a man witha jungle cat on a leash in front of an old car.


Ad for McLouth Steel Corporation appeared in  Time MagazineNov. 8, 1968 Vol. 92 No. 18 (page 116). Shows man tipping a bowler hat floating in the water using a trunk (suitcase) to support himself.


Creighton Shirt Company 1972. 7 Illustrations (uncredited)- “Foxhound Farley”,”Harrigan Cues Up” and “Houndstooth Harry” (initialed on illustration)

Book Jackets

Traitor’s Purse by Margery Allingham Cover Illustration 1983 Bantam Books. Body in formal garden by lily pool. Credit opposite title page.

Tether’s End by Margery Allingham Cover Illustration 1983 Bantam Books. Scottish phone booth in town scape, shadow of a man in a hat. Credit opposite title page.

Journal Aug 1973 1.jpg

Love for Lydia by H. E. Bates Cover Illustration 1979? Penguin Books Credit on Back Cover. Uplit head and shoulders of a woman in a hat, holding a rose.

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Illustrations by Chuck Wilkinson. Published by the Franklin Library 1980 Limited Edition.

Black Plumes by Margery Allingham Cover Illustration 1983 Bantam Books. Interior with open door, scratched painting. Credit opposite title page.


Murder Superior by Jane Haddam Cover Illustration 1993 Bantam Books. View through an arch of two nuns in a garden having tea, one collapsed at the table.

 Precious Blood : a Gregor Demarkian Holiday Mystery
Author: Haddam, Jane. Illustrator: Chuck Wilkinson 1991

Love and Glory ---by Robert B Parker -a signed copy. Illustrator: Chuck Wilkinson Cover Art. Publisher: N.Y.: Delacorte Press / Seymour Lawrence, 1983

A Great Day for the Deadly. Jane Haddam 1992


Love for Lydia                                                                               1979 Masterpiece Theatre Production

A Little Romance                                                                         1979 Film Poster

Therese Raquin                                                                              1981 Mobil Masterpiece Theatre Production

Love in a Cold Climate 


 Irish Airlines (Illus) Framed

 Old Arthur (Illus) Framed

The Little Countess

ADP Spread (Annual Report)

 Canadian Club

 Croquet Boca Raton Poster

Slay Me No Dragons (Original)

Spread of Couple Waltzing (Boca Raton)

Tennis Spread (Boca Raton)

BoardWalk (Spread) ), framed

Mike Brown Street Scene (Spread) ), framed

Yellow Georgian Home (Spread) ), framed

 Christmas “ Hello Santa” (Spread), framed

 Lucia Series paperback

Steeple Chase (original) ), framed

 Polo, Boca Raton, spread

 Early Innings, original

 Win, Place, Show

 Mystery (original)

 SilverWood (Original)

 String Quartet in Drawing Room (original)

 Pellegrino (original)

 M. Alison Book Covers

 J. Hadadad Mystery (original)

 J. Hadadad Mystery (original)

Two Men in Rowboat (print)

 Hunting and Fishing Originals (10 pieces)

Christmas in Brooklyn (original), framed

Love For Lydia (original) unframed

New Yorker (original, framed

Merrill Lynch Poster, framed

The Old Neighborhood

Sailboat, original

Til Death Do Us Part (original)

Gethsemane (original)

 Train (original)

Taxi Dancers, Boca Raton



 Angel Cab Company, original

 Therese Raquin (Poster), framed

 Love For Lydia (Poster)

 Love In A Cold Climate (Poster) 

 Croquet (Boca Raton)

 Beach House, original

 Conaine, print 

 Forest Hills (original)

Skeet Shooters 

Clarissa (poster)

Tennis Player (original)

H.W. Moody


Rich Man, Poor Man, original

Tiger Stadium

 Artist and the Apple Tree


Sulky (sepia Copy)

Sulky (painted copy)

Airplane Air Show, original

Sea Plane, original

String Quartet, original

The Word and the Spirit

Couple in a Rowboat, original

John Singer Sargeant, painting, original 

Woman on Art Deco Couch, original

Outside Looking In, original

 Wedding Picture

Train, copy?

 Gethsamane, copy

 Beulah Train Station

 Twice Stricken Lamb

 Sulky, copy

 Zeppelin, original

 Photographer and the Angel

 Hill (sepia)

Midnight Wedding, 10 Virgin, original

The Word and the Spirit, copy

Rock Point LightHouses (original and copies)




 McNamara poster

 Lady in a Hat


 The Just and the Unjust


 Twice Stricken Lamb (B & W)

 The Swan (painting)

 St. Patrick’s Day Murder Mystery

 Drift Away Snow

 MayFlower Mystery

 Christmas Murder Mystery

 Act of Darkness

 4th of July

 Quoth the Raven

 Target (artwork)

 Easter Mystery (artwork)

 Mother’s Day (artwork)

 Countess Alice (artwork)

 Tennis Poster 

 The Indian Motorcycle (second version)

Ten Commandments (original)

 Twice Stricken Lamb

 The Carpenter and Family at Dinner

 What the Church Is/Isn’t

 Angel and Bag

 Angel of Saul Triptych

 Boat Going Down


 The Sailor

 Anchor – Diptych


Private Collections

The Artist and the King


Plane paintings

Man on Horse


The Hill 

The Word and the Spirit 

Teddy Where Are You?

Museum Collections

Permanent Collection of the Norman Rockwell Museum
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Slay Me No Dragons-1969
Commissioned for and originally published in the June 1969 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal as an illustration for ‘Slay Me No Dragons’, a short story by Marnie Ellingson, this illustration is representative of Chuck Wilkinson’s early illustration style.

Bee Gee
One of a group of four illustrations depicting vintage airplanes, this image was reproduced as a poster and as novelty items such as tins, playing card sets and puzzles. Two other originals from this series ‘China Clpper’ and ‘Flying Jenny’ are in private collections.



November 2014- January 2015
American Artist Chuck Wilkinson
Solo Show
The Ecumenical Center for the Arts and Spirituality
DeWitt, Michigan

January 1997
Paintings and Illustrations of Chuck Wilkinson
Solo Show
Howland Center Beacon, New York. Review published January 3, 1997 in the Poughkeepsie Journal page 1C. Studies in Style by Janet Ruhe

1968 Photography- Illustration Show/Detroit Art Director’s Club. Bronze Medal/ Experimental Illustration for the work entitled Hemingway in Michigan. This work was published in The Detroit Free Press as a cover for the July 24, 1966. Issue of Detroit, The Magazine of Michigan’s Metropolis